Oral Presentation

June 19, 2018 (Tuesday)
Venue: Royal Cliff Grand Hotel

Oral Presentation I
Head of State Chamber

Chair: Young-Joon SURH (Seoul National University, SOUTH KOREA)
Co-chair: Anong BINTVIHOK (Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND)
15.30-15.40 Total diet studies as a tool for risk assessment in food
Joongoo LEE (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, SOUTH KOREA)
15.40-15.50 Cancer chemopreventive potential of Thai purple rice
Rawiwan WONGPOOMCHAI (Chiang Mai University, THAILAND)
15.50-16.00 Elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy potentiate the toxic effect of Aflatoxin B1
Kanokwan SRIWATANAPONG (Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, THAILAND)
16.00-16.10 Protective effects of enriched Thai silk extracts against drug-induced phototoxicity: study in human epidermal A431 cells and a reconstructed human epidermis model
16.10-16.20 Quaternary chitosan derivatives enhance oral drug absorption in human intestinal Caco-2 cells through transcellular and paracellular mechanisms
16.20-16.30 Determining the placental corticotrophin-releasing hormone disruptive effect of synthetic hormones in the cell model JEG-3
Lai K. Leung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)
16.30-16.40 Genotoxicity of organic extracts from raw and finished water in a drinking water treatment plant in Shanghai, China
Xia WANG (Fudan University, CHINA)
16.40-16.50 Development of alternative to animal testing methods for biocompatibility of medical devices can benefit from the experience acquired in the cosmetics industry
16.50-17.00 Human gut-on-a-chip model as an improved intestinal barrier model for predicting compound bioavailability and toxicity
Kornphimol KULTHONG (RIKILT - Wageningen Research, NETHERLANDS)
Oral Presentation II
Orchid Ballroom A

Co-chair: Dunyaporn TRACHOOTHAM (Mahidol University, THAILAND)
15.30-15.40 Exploring chronic toxicological pathways of silver nanoparticle in human skin carcinoma using quantitative proteomics approach
15.40-15.50 A study of combined toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticle and graphene oxide in A549 cells
Su LIU (Nanjing University, CHINA)
15.50-16.00 The role of autophagy in the toxic response to polystyrene nanoparticles in ovarian cancer cells
Ciro ISIDORO (Universit? del Piemonte Orientale, ITALY)
16.00-16.10 Characterization of carcinogenic chromium reducing Bacillus anthracis isolated from wastewater of shipbreaking yards at Shitakunda area in Bangladesh
Md Samiul Alam RAJIB (BRAC University, BANGLADESH)
16.10-16.20 A study on the cyanide content in different water sources available in Dhaka city
Rifah Tamanna (BRAC University, BANGLADESH)
16.20-16.30 Box jellyfish in Thai waters: species identification and clinical manifestations
Nuankanya SATHIRAPONGSASUTI (Mahidol University, THAILAND)
16.30-16.40 Ecotoxicological effects caused by two typical types of organophosphate esters on earthworm
Mei LI (Nanjing University, CHINA)
16.40-16.50 Organophosphate metabolites in hair samples of patients with non-communicable diseases: a systematic review
Devarajan RATHISH (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, SRI LANKA)
16.50-17.00 Baseline values of red blood cell cholinesterase activity among healthy non-farmers of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
Devarajan RATHISH (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, SRI LANKA)
Oral Presentation III
Orchid Ballroom B

Chair: Malyn UNGSURUNGSIE (Silpakorn University, THAILAND)
Co-chair: Weeraya KARNPANIT (Mahidol University, THAILAND)
15.30-15.40 Pin1 stabilizes Nrf2 in Ras-transformed human mammary epithelial cells: implications for its role in breast cancer progression
Soma SAEIDI (Seoul National University, SOUTH KOREA)
15.40-15.50 Comprehensive screening and analysis of lncRNA signature as potential biomarker for prognosis and the exposure of nonylphenol in cervical cancer
Wenjuan WU (Southeast University, CHINA)
15.50-16.00 Polymethoxyflavones prevent benzo[a]pyrene/dextran sodium sulfate-induced colorectal carcinogenesis
Min-Hsiung PAN (National Taiwan University, TAIWAN)
16.00-16.10 Comprehensive analysis of a novel lncRNA profile reveals potential prognostic biomarkers in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Tong LIU (Southeast University, CHINA)
16.10-16.20 Alterations in the gut microbiota of patients with silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis
Xue Rui HUANG (Central South University, CHINA)
16.20-16.30 Nickel-induced apoptosis in human astrocytes is mediated by oxidative stress and downregulation of Bcl-2, ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK
Ruedeemars YUBOPHAN (Mahidol university, THAILAND)
16.30-16.40 DSB repair by capture of unintentional sequences, an emerging new possible risk for the genome editing
Yoko HIRABAYASHI (National Institute of Health Sciences, JAPAN)
16.40-16.50 Association between genetic variations in NRF2 and noise-induced hearing loss in Chinese high intensity noise exposed workers: a case-control analysis
Boshen WANG (Southeast University, CHINA)
16.50-17.00 Integrating toxicokinetics into human health risk assessment: a proposed framework and case studies
Manoj AGGARWAL (Corteva Agriscience?,UNITED KINGDOM)

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